LFCM press release

The 2023 ASIAN Climbing Cup taking place in Riyadh KSA under the organization of the International Federation of Sports Climbing in collaboration with the Saudi Climbing and Hiking federation from December 12 to dec 16. The event englobes the participation of 12 countries in 3 disciplines: Speed climbing, Lead climbing and bouldering. The Lebanese Federation for Climbing and Mountaineering (LFCM) sent a delegation consisting of the climbers Antoine Abou Nader, Randa Gedeon, Charbel Bou Maroun and Vanessa Rached with the coach Georges Achi and team manger Vincent Bassil with the support of Elias Diab. The team is competing in Lead and bouldering competitions. It is noteworthy to mention that it is the first time a Lebanese team participate in an IFC rated event.

The Lebanese Federation for Climbing and Mountaineering (LFCM) expresses gratitude for the opportunity to compete on the Asian stage, fostering camaraderie among nations and strengthening bonds within the global climbing community. The event not only highlights Lebanon’s commitment to the sport but also promotes cultural exchange and unity through the shared passion for climbing.