About Us

Our vision is to create one solid society, by bringing all mountains lovers together on one platform with professionalism and integrity.
Our mission can be summarized in the following 3 goals:

  1. To cover the Lebanese mountaineers’ latest news and expeditions,
  2. To inspire and be a guide for the beginners who have never experienced the life on the mountains,
  3. To encourage our community to be committed to improve the “Mountains Society” in Lebanon by helping each other, because in the end, it is a passion and never a competition.

The magazine’s pages’ focus on spotting the light on the main events and expeditions done in Lebanon or abroad by Lebanese mountaineers. We also gave the chance to a number of passionate fellows to introduce and educate the community about their field of specialty, because the mountains gave us the opportunity to have many outdoor activities other than mountaineering.

Our pages also gave experts the opportunity to inform beginners on how to be well prepared physically and mentally for mountain activities.
Our pages spot the light on our beautiful country and the numerous hidden gems waiting to be explored. You will also find a detailed section about the major spots and reserves in Lebanon, their history and the role they play in keeping our country green.
We hope that this Magazine will meet your expectations and demands, we promise to keep our efforts focused on growing the content year after year, it’s yours! Enjoy it!
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