Majestic sceneries up there, flabbergasting beautiful landscapes, pure and clean environment, fresh and comforting atmosphere! Aren’t we talking about the mountains?

Don’t you agree with the quote that says: “Great things are done when Men and Mountains meet?”
I do believe in the magic up there! Once there, I feel free. The freedom there, is an escape from the congested, polluted, and loud urban areas. The freedom there, tastes like a well-deserved treat after a long week of studies and tasks. Once there, you are the master of your mind and the king of your heart; you take your mind on a ride where you seek excitement with your loved ones, and you lead your heart to a place where you can put down all your burdens and take off all your worries.
Every time I visit the mountains, I learn new things as if it were the first time! What is the secret behind this innovative mindset you get with every visit?
Every time I am up there, I learn how to respect this place, how to love it, how to protect it and keep it safe.

However, I strongly believe that our generation is taken by the rapid and continuous evolution of technology. This generation that defines happiness through screens, enjoys free time through loud sounds and talks about freedom using hashtags! Is it because you see the mountains as a silent place where you cannot benefit from the technological advancement that is invading our lives? I totally understand the way you feel. Sadly, the mountain lacks technology, it lacks advancement, it lacks loud sounds, as it also lacks busy people.

But did you know that the mountain is full of future rather than advancement?
Did you know that the mountain is full of exploration promises rather than passive technology?
Did you know that it is full of peaceful music rather than loud sounds?
And also motivated teenagers rather than busy ones!

You won’t believe until you experience a well-spent day in the mountains. You won’t believe until you decide to get out of your comfort zone, leave your computer desk, disconnect from this busy life and build a peaceful bond with the nature out there! There, you can talk about your secrets freely, you can put down all your worries and concerns, and leave your busy schedule behind.
Our generation loves the mountains but we don’t know how to show this love. Therefore, all we need to do is dare to change. I recall a time when my friends decided to give up on their phones in order to enjoy the summer camp in nature.

It ended up being the best day when they enjoyed the sounds of their footsteps on this majestic land, listened to their heart beats in this piece of heaven, and tasted love and respect in this breathtaking place.
Guys, we are the future of this country and there is an urgent need to take care of it! Our footprints can seriously affect our environment. Do something before it is too late!
Yes! I dare you leave all your worries behind, explore and protect what we’ve got.
A real treasure we’ve got!


Prepared by  Teenflakes

Inspired by the words of Kamel Rammal – 12 yrs old