The Boukaat Loubnan Trail name is derived from the Old Testament giving the name to the Bekaa Valley. This trail is the first long distance trail across the mountains of the Bekaa Valley, covering the Western and the Eastern Mountain Chain known as the Anti Lebanon.

The idea behind this trail is a dream becoming true to its founder Gilbert Moukheiber. Gilbert is the founder of 33 North and known as the guru of trekking and winter expeditions in Lebanon. The trail today became a reality with extensive personal expertise, funding and logistical support of 33North, and the support of the Lebanese Army and the local communities. The trail was designed in linear and loops shape for every section of it. Boukaat Loubnan Trails offer a richness in cultural diversity merged with picturesque natural environment. Walking the trail is an experiential and a transformational journey; an emersion through history, culture, traditions, nature and culinary experiences.
The trail starts from Deir el Ahmar and ends in Heberiyeh South Lebanon. The linear distance of the trail is 350 km. Sections level of difficulty are rated from medium to advanced, difficult for some parts. All the sections have been delineated, walked and tested.
The trail is divided to three long distance trails. Each long distance trail is a five to seven days trek.
The North Bekaa Trail
The Anti Lebanon Mountain Range Trail
Le Tour du Mont Hermon Trail

North Bekaa Trail
North Bekaa Trail – Gilbert Moukheiber

The North Bekaa Trail starts from Deir el Ahmar and crosses the North Bekaa Mountains all the way to Hermel and to the El Qaa Village.
Main attractions: Women Association of Deir el Ahmar, Couvent Rouge, Kasr Bent el Malak, Mazraet el Aqoury, Yamouneh lake, Yamouneh nature reserve, Nabee el Arbaiine and the Roman temple of Yamouneh, the highlands of Yamouneh, Chateau Barka, Mazraet el Barakeh, juniper trees of Rabiaa, Ouyoune Orogsh lakes, Jbab el Homr steppes, Saint Maroun el Assi, el Assi river, Ain el Zarka.
Surrounding attractions: Baalbek Roman temple, Iaat Roman pillar, Shlifa cascade, Saidet Bechwate, the Rosary of Beshwate, Kornet el Sawda, Kornet El Aashra, couvent rouge.

Anti-Lebanon trail
Anti-Lebanon trail – Gilbert Moukheiber

The Anti Lebanon Mountain Range Trail
The trailhead of the Anti-Lebanon Mountain Range is located in Qaa village located on the Lebanese Syrian border. The trail starts from the El Qaa village all the way to Anjar Anjar. This trail sections crosses the Anti-Lebanon Mountain range.
Main attractions: archeological ruins of the Qaa village, Set Balkis water canal, Shepherds village in Ras Baalbek, religious and cultural attractions in Ras Baalbek, the ancient caravan route, Baalbek city attractions (Roman Temple…), Kobet Douris, Hima Kfarzabad and Anjar Oumayad city and Eco park.
Surrounding Attractions: Majdel Anjar temple, Taanayel, Bayt el Falah Terbol

Tour du Mont Hermon - Georges Wakim
Tour du Mont Hermon – Georges Wakim

Le Tour du Mont Hermon Trail
Inspired by the famous Tour du Mont Blanc, le Tour du Mont Hermon covers the Roman Temples across the Mount Hermon region. The trailhead starts at Al Mannara region to Chebaa, and El Heberiyeh.

Main attractions: Al Mannara Roman Temple, Yanta Temple and ruins, Bakka khirab el Kneisseh and Roman Temple, Nabi Ayloun, Mdoukha Roman Temple, Ain Arab pressoirs and watermills, Al khoder, Kfarkouk military trenches, Deir el Ashaer Roman temple, Dahr el Ahmar caves, Rachaya old Souk, old houses, the independence citadelle, Mount Hermon, Tanoura ruins, Ain Hershe Roman temples, Ain Ata ruins, Hebberiyeh Roman temple.
Surrounding Attractions: El Mhaydseh ruins, el Biri ruins, Kfarmeshki Roman temple and caves.

The trail is managed and guided by 33 North offering internationally certified mountain leaders.

Two forms of packages are available:
1. Full support, guided, luggage transfers and accommodation in guesthouses and hotels;
2. Unsupported, unassisted guided tours with backpacking and camping.
3. Snowshoeing and ski pulka expeditions.

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