In cooperation with the Lebanese Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, the Emirati adventurer, Saeed Al Maamari, was able to reach Qurnat Al Sawda summit, which is the highest peak in Lebanon, making it the 73rd summit to be added to his climbing trips.

The climbing journey of Emirati adventurer Saeed Al Maamari is part of the “Peace Summit” initiative, which aims to reach the highest peaks of the world in order to spread a message of love, peace and tolerance and raise the flag of the United Arab Emirates as a country that spreads peace in all parts of the earth.

Al-Maamari’s journey to the summit of Qurnat Al-Sawda, at an altitude of 3088 meters, took about six hours, where Saeed Al-Maamari handed an appreciation trophy and a message of peace to the Lebanese Climbing and Mountaineering Federation in order to spread the goal of the initiative on a larger scale in the local community.


Al-Maamari raising the Summit of Peace initiative flag on Qurnat Al Sawda

On this occasion, Al-Maamari thanked the Lebanese Climbing and Mountaineering Federation for their support and cooperation in making the trip well organized. He also praised their efforts in supporting and enhancing the goal of the initiative by spreading it faster in light of the current circumstances that the beloved Lebanese people are going through, stressing that Lebanon was and will remain an oasis of peace and love.

Al-Maamari added: “I feel proud of what the Peace Summit initiative has achieved. Thanks to God, today I managed to reach 73 global summits, and I will continue to race against time to reach the rest of the summits to promote the values ​​of peace in all countries of the world. I have a passion for climbing summits, and it is what made me challenge myself and strive to achieve the initiative tirelessly, I belong to the land of the Emirates and its good people, who encourage human rapprochement and brotherhood between all religions and cultures, to rise as a nation that seeks to strengthen the spirit of union.”

Al-Maamari presenting the appreciation trophy to the Lebanese climbers in a modest ceremony at the ATCL Club.


Al-Maamari visited Lebanon for 24 hours, where he presented the appreciation trophy of the “Summit of Peace” initiative to the Lebanese climbers in a modest ceremony that took place at the ATCL Club.