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Discover the LMT and reconnect with Lebanon’s Nature during the LMT Spring Hike

Baabda, Lebanon — As spring has finally sprung, with all the hope, new possibilities and adventures it brings, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) invites hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to reconnect with nature by participating in the 27-day Spring Hike which is taking place across the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) from May 15 to June 10, 2021.

The event consists of daily guided hikes connecting the 470 kilometers of the LMT, which crosses 75 villages and embodies Lebanon’s rich cultural diversity and natural heritage.

what's included in your guided hike
what’s included in your guided hike

¨The objective of this event is to encourage Lebanese hikers to reconnect with their country by discovering its outstanding nature and culture. We know times are hard, and that it is difficult in such times to stay hopeful. We at the LMTA believe that the trail is a source of hope, a symbol of our unity that connects villages and people from the North to the South of the country. It is a national treasure that is worth protecting and promoting among all of us Lebanese. Hike it, protect it!.” says Joumana Brihi, Member of the LMTA Board and one of the event organizers.

Throughout 27 days, the 27 different sections of the trail will be hiked, North to South with the support of local guides who will accompany small groups of friends or family members (maximum 6 persons) with full respect of social distancing and Covid-19 safety measures.

LMT map
LMT map

This is a unique opportunity to discover a stunning Trail filled with archaeological sites, natural reserves, valleys, mountains, and endless hidden gems.

A flag will travel across the 470 km, from one village to the other, and will be carried by each team, every day, as a symbol of unity and connection between the different villages and people of our mountain communities. Each team will sign the flag, marking their contribution to this event, and to the promotion and protection of the Lebanon Mountain Trail.

Participants who wish to register can follow this link: https://www.lebanontrail.org/event-details/262

The daily fees per person (115 000 LL) includes:

 Local guide and other logistical services
 Transportation to get back to their car at the end of the hike (starting point)
 Insurance

15 000 LL/person are included in the fees as a Solidarity Fund that will serve to support families impacted by the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Photo Beatrice Lebon Chami
LMT section 23 – Photo Beatrice Lebon Chami

About the LMTA

Established in 2007 the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and protecting the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) and its side trails.
The LMTA works to protect the natural, cultural and architectural heritage and landmarks near the trail; and to enhance economic opportunities for communities that live along the trail, by promoting responsible tourism.
In normal time (pre-pandemic) the LMT attracts more than 30 000 visitors per year and represents a unique national corridor for rural tourism and conservation. The LMTA organizes twice a year ‘Thru Walks’ during which time the full trail is hiked from South to North and North to South simultaneously. During Thru Walks, hikers flock from Lebanon and around the world, experiencing not just the hikes and outstanding nature and culture that is found along the trail, but also unique culinary experiences and overnight stays at local guesthouses where the flair of each village’s culture permeates.
The LMTA has not organized Thru Walks during the pandemic, but hopes that the 2021 Spring Hike will help to promote the trail, and create more awareness among the Lebanese about their country’s rich heritage and the need to protect it.

LMT section 3
LMT section 3

For further information about the LMT, donate or become a member, visit our website: https://www.lebanontrail.org/

Additional information available in our Media Pack, available on this link.

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CONTACT:  Helene Abi Assi, 00961 3 719 362,  communication@lebanontrail.org