Travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic have pushed Lebanese athletes and nature lovers to conduct their own adventures here in Lebanon. Many events have been planned, including recently “the half-Everesting of “Darb el Sama”.

The mountains Magazine Lebanon talked to Suha Hallab, one of the participants of this event to describe her experience.
“The event was preceded by a lot of training and preparation with Georges Saado & Karim Ramadan” said Suha.
Hallab and her Half-Everesting partner Maria Kanaan chose “Darb el Sama” for 3 reasons:
-Challenging trail
-Steepness of trail
-Short distance

Break time
Break time

Each ascent was 3 km, with 560 m elevation gain and took about 55 minutes on moderate pace. The descent was by car.
In total, they achieved 9 ascents, in 10 hours 22 minutes. At sunset, they registered 5061m total elevation.
Behind all of this, Suha wanted to deliver an important message: “I encourage all women from all ages to challenge themselves and set off on beautiful adventures.”

Maria, Georges & Suha
Maria, Georges & Suha