fall Feat
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What can we learn from fall?

Let go to grow

Did you ever find yourself exhausted from trying to keep up with everything happening in your life?
Are you tired of holding on to ‘shoulds’ and expectations about yourself and other people?

We often find ourselves working hard to keep up with what is happening around us, not knowing that the time, effort and energy we consume on our surrounding are actually holding us back from what we really want to achieve, and who we want to become.

We find ourselves jumping from one thing to the next because of what is ‘expected of us’. We chase general ideas of satisfaction and fulfillment and fall into a rabbit hole of keeping up with the Joneses.

We decided to dedicate this month’s article to the natural beauty of the Fall season. Trees turning orange, leaves falling effortlessly to the ground, stacking up to form a layer of protection from the coming Winter.
The now naked branches embrace dew on their crust, creating a new form of life: Moss.

Fall is here - Yellow leaves
Fall is here – Yellow leaves

Trees let go of their leaves to grow new, stronger and healthier ones.

Inspired by this season, we must learn to embrace letting go of old habits in order to grow healthier ones.

Your energy flows where your focus goes.

What has been on your mind lately? Is it bringing you forward or backwards?
When we realize that we can choose what is next (in most cases), we begin to allow meaningful things to happen in our lives.

Fall scenes - Sam Kozaily
Fall scenes – Sam Kozaily

So how can we let go of old, bad aspects of our lives to allow other more fulfilling and satisfying ones to happen?

See you at the Top!

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