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Lebanon is well known for the abundance of limestone in its mountains. Therefore, we have a lot of cave formations due to underground water streams carving through the rocks. That same process with rivers forms canyons on the surface.

Canyoning is an outdoor activity practiced in a specific environment. It is down a thalweg (the path that water takes in a valley) which may arise as torrents, streams, rivers, gorges (more or less narrow, deep). With or without a permanent presence of water, Canyoning can be a fun activity to perform.


canyoning in Lebanon image credit :Tony Issa
Canyoning in Lebanon Image Credit : Joe Kmeid

It requires a progression and crossings by: threading, swimming, jumping, tobogganing, abseiling, scrambling and other rope techniques. It is an activity that is accessible to all, but requires a good physical condition. You may be back with a few scratches but it is part of the game.

The equipment needed to spend a beautiful day down a canyon are:

• Harness
• Helmet
• 8 descent device
• Lanyards
• Wet suit
• Canyoning ropes
• Canyoning bags
• Some light snacks (dried fruits, dates, nuts and 1 L of water)


canyoning in Lebanon image credit :Tony Issa
Canyoning in Lebanon Image Credit :Tony Issa

You should never travel through a canyon alone. For safety reasons, a team of 3 (minimum number) is required with the assistance of a rescue team outside the canyon ready to assist you at any time if any emergency occurs. This team should know your arrival time and the estimated time of exiting the canyon.
Since the most famous canyon in Lebanon is named “Elephant Canyon”, Guardians of the Falls decided to name all progressed canyons after animals with a funny twist, instead of naming them after the villages. For example, we named one “Goat Canyon” since its rocks isn’t slippery at all so you can walk like a goat and it has one of the longest waterfalls in Lebanon (75 m) therefore G.O.A.T. Another one is called “Turtle Canyon” since there’s a lot of swimming and you have to travel very slowly through the water due to slippery rocks.
Why Canyoning?

This activity doesn’t just test your limits and break your fears, it brings you back to the present. You can totally forget about all your daily life worries and focus on the present moment while descending through waterfalls.


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