Wolfpack Feat

Mountaineering is not only about summiting physical mountains.
Mountains are life. Mountaineering is the art of living your why, building your vision!

You can travel distances, achieve great results and find your way around, but when you are a wolf facing the
greatest obstacles of your daily life there is one thing you cannot do without: the pack.
Every one of us has 3 mountains that we constantly need to climb:
Our WHY, the mountain derived from past events, living it will improve our happiness, satisfaction and

The Pack
The Pack

Our MINDSET, the mountain of the present, the constant development of our state of mind
Our VISION, the mountain of our future, and the image of the person we want to become.
Every time you open your eyes in the morning, you have a decision to make: you can tuck yourself in and
snooze yourself back into your comfort zone or you can get out, push yourself and start pursuing your
personal summits.
The pack wakes up in the morning in a world where everyone is determined to live the best journey of their
We believe in people making an impact on each other,
We believe in the pack making this world a better place!
Everyone in the pack is a leader, leading with authenticity, self-awareness, and momentum; constantly
impacting his circle of Influence.
Everyone in the pack is an apprentice, willing to take on new challenges through the consistency of his
Exploring your Why takes you on a mindfulness journey, triggering emotions from the past. Why do you do
what you do? How does it make you feel? When was the last time you felt happy, fulfilled and satisfied?
Your WHY is first step towards finding your North, it is the reason you wake up in the morning, it helps you
clarify your purpose on this planet, what makes you passionate about your day!

people making an impact on each other
people making an impact on each other

Your present mountain is the Mindset you need in the uncertainty of this world, your daily travels, your
decisions and the momentum you build upon those decisions. We all carry a set of beliefs with us in the form
of patterns. Summiting your Mindset Mountain is about being the leader of your own beliefs, destroying the
limiting ones and starting to make things happen!
Create a compelling future; see your future finished in advance. Surround yourself with a pack that lifts you
higher, envision yourself at the top, aiming higher and pushing forward. Be the leader you wish you had, be

the leader to your own life, of your own destiny. Wake up with a clear image in your mind, wake up and start
building that image.