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Young Ladies With Dreams, Become Women With Vision – The Story Of “Rawan Dakik”



Rawan Abdulkarim Dakik, Tanzanian but originally Lebanese. Her passion for outdoor activities started at a very young age in her previous school in “Tanzania” when she climbed “Mount Kilimanjaro” the highest in “Africa”, one of the world’s seven summits. She was born on February 2, 2001 in “Tanzania”; she studied at the International school of Tanzania up to grade 10 and then moved to “Lebanon” to continue her education. She was eager to pursue her passion for the outdoors and mainly mountaineering with a long-term dream the “seven summits” challenge, hoping to become the youngest Tanzanian, African and Middle-Eastern woman to achieve this record.



Rawan Dakik - Vinson Summit
Vinson Summit



Dragging sled and heavy backpack, making my way up Denali.
Dragging sled and heavy backpack, making her way up Denali.



The Story Of “Rawan Dakik”



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