mzaar Spindrift George Nakhle

Spindrift, is defined as fine grained snow being carried by wind. In practice it is usually used to describe the frequent  snow that fall down steep slopes, gullies, and faces. This incurs frequently during snowfall or warming, but may occur at other times and for other reasons as well.

Spindrifts are classified in 3 categories:

  • Creeping: The technical term for the rolling of snow particles along the ground when wind speeds hit 20 Km/Hour.
  • Saltation: At higher wind speeds when snow particles jump along the ground.
  • Turbulent suspension: Occurs at wind speeds well in excess of 20 Km/Hour, this is what can create major visibility issues and huge snow drifts.


Spindrift on Mzaar Kfardebian 06/01/2020
Video Credits George Nakhle