samer hajjar 5
  • “Goulotte Pellissier Pointe Lachenal”

1st Day: 12/03/2020

The route grading: 220 m, TD- 5c > 5a II 4 M5 +
TD stands for global grading “très difficile”, 5a minimum obligatory grading, 5c maximum grading could be minimized by aiding, II stands for the engagement, 4 is the grade of ice, M5+ is a mixed climbing.


  • “Bochard area, Chamonix”

2nd day: 13/03/2020

First ascent was done this winter and the route is still not named.
L1: M5 50m
L2: M5 50m
L3: M5 50m
L4: D6 50 m
L5: M3 50 m
The route is made of 5 pitches, total 250 m of vertical ascent
L stands for “longueur”. M means mixed climbing (alpine ice, rock and snow) and the number stands for the difficulty. D stands for dry tooling (using technical ice axes + crampons) to climb rock. Approach on ski tours and exit on skis